Who are the ESCP?

Who are we?

The ESCP initiative consists of a small team of specialist coastal officers and engineers who centrally manage coastal flood and erosion risk across 162km of coastline. 

We have recently produced a report summarising who we are and what we do. It also highlights our achievements and successes from 2015 - 2017.

Our approach is driven by ensuring that we have a customer focus at the forefront of all our decision making processes.

Our Vision

The partnership vision is:

  • To deliver an improved, efficient, reduced cost, professional, adequately resourced coastal management service through co-ownership of objectives and an equitable fee structure.
  • To Increase public and internal confidence that key coastal management objectives can be achieved.
  • To promote efficiency savings for procurement across LA partners maximising the benefits to each authority.
  • To promote the efficient use of staff resource whilst sharing and strengthening ‘In House’ coastal expertise.
  • To challenge historical ways of working.

Why did we form?

The Local Authorities (LA) within the ESCP initiative have spatially shared coastal management issues along both open coast and natural harbours and have previously worked closely together in the spirit of partnership through local planning initiatives. The ESCP became a natural progression as it was more widely accepted that coastal flooding and erosion risks impacts were not exclusive to the LA boundaries.

The formation of the Partnership has evolved over time, since 2008, through local service level agreements and partnership working and was formed fully in 2012 to deliver a combined, efficient and comprehensive coastal management service.

The Partnership agreement began in 2012 and has been identified as an example of best practice by the EA and Defra.

What do we do?

The overarching vision of the ESCP initiative is to reduce the risk of coastal flooding and erosion to people, the developed and natural environment by encouraging the provision of technically, environmentally and economically sustainable coastal defence and protection measures.

The ESCP undertake a broad range of coastal management activities including:

  • Working at a strategic level to deliver Shoreline Management Plans and Coastal Flood and Erosion Risk Management (CFERM) Strategies. These plans enable the ESCP to bid for funding to implement the recommended management approach. (Joining together these bids for aid can be more attractive to the EA and can deliver significant cost savings).
  •  Designing and implementing on the ground CFERM engineering schemes that improve the standard of flood and erosion protection for the people living along our shoreline.
  • Undertaking regular management, inspection and maintenance of the sea defences across our region to ensure a safe standard of protection for our communities.
  • Carrying out coastal monitoring and research to ensure we have the most accurate and up to date information to undertake our work.
  • Engaging with local communities, organisations and business on all aspects of our work to ensure we involve local people to help shape the decisions that we make.

The Environment Agency has identified the ESCP as an example of best practice. The partnership acts as a lead on key studies for them. This role returns an income to the Partnership reducing costs to the public purse. During a recent visit to the ESCP area by the Defra and the Treasury excellent feedback was provided to the team saying that the model used should be encouraged across the rest of the country.