SCOPAC/SCG Coastal Minor Works Framework 2017-2021


This framework was established in 2017 by the Eastern Solent Coastal Partnership (ESCP) on behalf of Southern Coastal Group / SCOPAC to:

  • Provide SCG/SCOPAC members quick access to suppliers for low complex and relatively low value coastal civils work and coastal maintenance requirements;
  • Be broad enough to capture all likely requirements;
  • Allow for flexibility to address changing work requirements and market conditions;
  • Allow for very simple and quick call-offs for reactive maintenance and emergency works whilst also allowing for more considered and detailed call-offs for specialist or higher value works.

This page provides an overview of the Framework and its operation. Further guidance for both users and suppliers is available from the Eastern Solent Coastal Partnership:

Framework scope:

The scope of works covered under the framework includes, but is not limited to:

  • Planned works such as: blockwork and masonry (including heritage walls) works, concrete works, concrete revetment repair and installation, concrete bagwork, rock gabions, rock armour, grouting, flood embankments, sheet piling, beach recycling, beach nourishment, slipway works and clearance, local aids to navigation, weed control, timber groyne and timber revetment repairs and emergency works.
  • Reactive Make Safe works including but not limited to temporary fencing, removal of exposed steel work and other beach debris.
  • Other maintenance works required in the maritime environment.

Framework structure:

This is a broad discipline, multi-supplier framework initially established across three Lots:

Lot 1 - Minor Coastal Maintenance

Lot 2 - General Coastal Works

Lot 3 - Beach Management

    • Lot 1 - Minor Coastal Maintenance

This Lot is for non-complex and low value planned or reactive maintenance works up to a typical value of £20,000. Example works may include, but are not limited to: repointing, concrete slab and seawall and revetment remedials, seawall hand railing, debris removal, life buoys, flood defence installations (bunds, flap values, flood gates etc), urgent H&S works, concrete bagwork, prom and slipway clearances.

By exception the value of works through this Lot may exceed £20,000 in circumstance such as, but not limited to; longer term, multiple phase non-complex works or emergency works.

    • Lot 2 - General Coastal Works

This Lot is for general coastal maintenance and civils works to construct, replace or maintain coastal structures with a typical value between £20,000 and £150,000. Example works may include but are not limited to; timber groyne & revetment works, rock armour works, historic seawall repairs, concrete slab and seawall replacement, concrete revetment replacement & repair, toe piling, rock gabions, flood embankments, and low value beach management works.

No upper limit will be applied to the value of Work Packages for this Lot, subject to suppliers passing further financial and insurance checks if required, and occasionally larger schemes such as a seawall sectional replacement may be let via this Lot.

    • Lot 3 - Beach Management

This Lot is for beach management activities including beach nourishment and recycling using land based equipment. Example works may include but not be limited to; excavation, haulage, deposition, profiling and screening of beach material, land based importing of suitable beach material from external sources and other ground works associated with the movement of beach materials.Due to the specialist nature of the plant and companies in the market for this work type, large scale beach management works will be let via this separate, more specialist Lot.

Works for this Lot would typically be between £40,000 and £300,000 but have no upper or lower limit.

Lots 1 and 2 comprise of two tiers; a Primary Tier and a Secondary Tier.  A Primary Tier consists of four contractors approached in the first instance for the majority of call-off contracts and standard works.  A Secondary Tier consists of a further six contractors used on a reserve basis if there are capacity or capability issues within the Primary Tier. The structure is as pictorially demonstrated below:



During the framework term the Framework structure and tiering will be periodically reviewed to ensure it continues to meet the framework objectives.  


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