Portsmouth - Memorial Beach 2018

Memorial Beach – Southsea 2018

In 2018, a small-scale tracer study was carried out following a minor beach recharge which was carried out as part of post-storm repair works to the frontage. Approximately 100 pebbles were deployed at two sites in front of the Naval Memorial. Pebbles were positioned in a line along the front face of the beach profile between MHWS and MLWS to try and understand which part of the beach is most active, indicating where material is likely to be lost from and move to.

Results from this study will feed into the current proposals for our new Southsea Coastal Scheme and be instrumental in aiding future Beach Management activities along this frontage.


Figure showing the location of the deployment sites at Southsea (Portsmouth) 2018, indicated by yellow starts


Initial retrieval surveys were carried out weekly from deployment and were then reduced to monthly, over a six-month period. Further retrieval surveys will continue to be carried out, where possible, after storm events or periods of high wave activity and beach noticeable beach change.

Click here to see latest results from the 2018 deployment at Southsea Common. A full report detailing the findings from this study will be made available on the website once ready.