Lee-on-the-Solent: Local Aids to Navigation Repair Works

Coastal repairs will start along the Lee-on-the-Solent frontage, week commencing 10th September 2018 and are expected to take 1-2 weeks to complete.

Why is this happening?

Along the Lee-on-the-Solent coast there are many posts called Local Aids to Navigation (LAtN), also known as a topmark/groyne marker, and some of them need repairs. They are located at the seaward end of groynes or other structures. At the top of each post are green metal triangles to warn beach users and shipping of the presence of these large structures, which may be submerged at high tide.

Typical examples of the LAtN 

Where is this happening?

There are four LAtN which require repairs, two located west of Daedalus Slipway and two east of Beach Road Car Park.

What is happening next?

Avon Construction Ltd have been appointed by Gosport Borough Council to do the repairs.

To safely do the work a lifting rig will remove each LAtN and transport it off the beach to be repainted. Once complete, the LAtN will be returned to the groyne where an internal sleeve will be fitted at the base and the post put back in place. All work will be done during daylight hours 0700-1900, Monday-Friday.

Access during the works

The promenade and beach will remain open to the public throughout the works, with each working area being segregated using barrier tape and road pins. The contractor may transport plant and materials along the promenade to reach each groyne. Appropriate signs will be installed to inform the public and keep everyone safe. Please keep your safety in mind when walking close to construction areas.

Find out more

We would like to thank you in advance for your co-operation with these works.

Should you have any questions or would like to find out more, please do not hesitate to make contact via coastal.team@havant.gov.uk.