Hayling Island - Deployment 2018

Deployment – 2018

Following the successful study at Hayling in 2011, a second phase was carried out in 2018 as part of the South Hayling Beach Management Plan. A total of 1000 pebbles were deployed at 9 deployment sites between Gunner Point in the west and Eastoke Point in the east during April 2018.

Certain deployment sites were made comparable to those chosen for the 2011 study. Additional sites of interest were also selected to aid the understanding of beach response to the varying styles of beach management in place along the South Hayling frontage.

All pebbles were deployed along the beach profile between Mean High Water Spring (MHWS) and Mean Low Water Spring (MLWS).

Intensive retrieval surveys were carried out throughout the first few weeks and then gradually reduced to an average of one survey every two months. The Retrieval surveys are due to be completed in May 2019 and a full report detailing the findings from this study will be made available on the website once ready.