Environmental Designations

We all have an obligation to ensure that the natural environment is conserved, enhanced and managed for the benefit of present and future generations.

Much of our coastline is covered by environmental designations, which aim to protect and conserve nationally significant species, habitats, geology and landscapes. These designations also help advise the management of important features and sites. They also aim to limit or prevent activities that can damage the important natural features. Therefore we work very closely with Natural England (our Statutory Nature Advisors) to ensure that our coastal flood and erosion risk management plans and works will not negatively affect the designated sites.

The map illustrates how much of the coastline we manage is covered by environmental designations. This emphasises the level of consideration we need to apply to prevent damage to these important sites, whilst working to protect our community from coastal flood and erosion risks.

For more information on specific designations, please refer to Natural England’s website, which can be found in the related links section of this page. All of the below designations are present somewhere along the coastline we manage, each with different objectives to maintain and enhance the coastal environment:

  • Sites of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI);
  • Special Areas of Conservation (SAC);
  • Special Protection Area (SPA);
  • Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB);
  • Ramsar Sites;
  • National Nature Reserves (NNR);
  • Local Nature Reserves (LNR).


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