Coastal Strategies

Please use the interactive map to find out more about the Coastal Strategies which have been or are being developed for the ESCP frontages.

GosportFarehamPortsmouthHavantriver hambleRiver Hamble to Portchester StrategyPortsea Island Coastal Strategy StudyPortchester to Emsworth StrategyEastoke Sectoral Strategy

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About Coastal Strategies

Coastal Flood and Erosion Risk Management Strategies consider the various options available for protecting our coastline and propose management options or flood defence schemes which are economically, socially and environmentally acceptable within the constraints which apply to that location. 

Strategies assess the impacts of implementing the policies which have been set within the corresponding, high level, Shoreline Management Plan (SMP) and recommend the most appropriate way for delivering it. They do this by looking at much smaller sections of shoreline in much more detail than the SMP and include a detailed assessment of the various defence options available.

The key objectives of a strategy is to recommend sustainable coastal flood and erosion risk management options that;

  • reduce risk to life,
  • protect and enhance the population’s well-being,
  • defend property (residential and commercial),
  • guard existing infrastructure and;
  • to look after and enhance biodiversity, cultural heritage and landscape


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