West Beach Revetment Removal Works

West Beach Timber Revetment Removal Works

Weekly Updates below. Your cooperation to avoid accessing the foreshore infront of the works is very much appreciated at this time.

Week 3
20th-24th July

Council contractor off site – contract completed!
On Wednesday 22nd July, Earlcoate Construction moved their excavators off site. The temporary fencing around the car park has now been taken down after the successful removal of the 140m section of the timber revetment. The temporary security fencing on the seaward side of the beach huts has also been removed, returning the beach to full public usage. We anticipate being able to offer some small quantities of salvaged timber at the end of August. Those who have emailed us with an interest in the timber will be contacted shortly. The beach will be regularly monitored as it slowly develops naturally.

For information about the beach huts and car parking, please contact the Council’s Neighbourhood Support Service via the Council’s email inforequests@havant.gov.uk 


Week 2
13-17th July

Removal Works Completed Ahead of Programme!
A fantastic effort by the Councils contractor Earlcoate Construction completed the revetment removal works 2 weeks ahead of programme. Earlcoate Construction will shortly be removing the temporary compound area and leaving the site.
We have already begun beach monitoring surveys using our quadcopter drone and will have footage to view very soon. Thank you for your cooperation during these works. Site fencing in front of the beach huts will hopefully be removed week commencing 20 July.


Week 1
6-10th July

The Council’s contractor, Earlcoate Construction commence removal operations on Monday, 6th July having established their temporary works compound in West Beach car park the week before.

Progress has been excellent with over 50% of the structure removed, and our contractor ahead of programme. 

There are a number of operations in the process of removing the aging timber revetment, these are:

  • Using oxyacetylene equipment to disconnect metal bolts and screws
  • Cutting timbers using chainsaws
  • Removal of sheet piles and timber panels using excavators
  • Loading 25ton dumper trucks loaded with removed timbers and stored at the works compound
  • 40ton excavator used for lifting and placing of the rock armouring to close off gap behind remaining revetment structure

July 2020

Works commence on the removal of damaged sea defences at West Beach.
Please see below (click to enlarge) for an information poster which summaries these proposed works.

(click image to enlarge)

The latest information on the coastal change following winter the 2019/20 storm events, timber defence condition, erosion of the beach and an introduction to the evolution of Gunner Point can be found here (May 2020). An overview of the history of West Beach is provided below.  

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It is important to understand the history of these defences. The timber sea defences at West Beach were constructed in 1976 in response to beach erosion. Inn-on-the-Beach was previously a lifeboat station when the coastline was further seaward in the 1900s, but subsequent structural changes, impacted upon the predominantly east to west sedimentation flow arriving on West Beach.

The timber structures have been maintained regularly since they were put in place. As Hayling is regularly exposed to large powerful waves, the structures have become worn by the action of the waves and shingle abrasion, quickly reducing the serviceable life of the structure.

The revetment suffered severe storm damage in 2012 and 2014 which resulted in half of the structure having to be removed due to health and safety concerns. During the 2019/20 winter, unrepairable damage was caused by a series of storm events which has resulted in the decision to remove a 140m section of revetment. This will leave a 50m length of revetment to the west of Inn on the Beach, together with the functioning groynes. 


Site Operations

Following a tendered procurement process, Earlcoate Construction & Plant Hire Ltd were awarded the project. Work to remove a 140m section of revetment is programmed to commence Monday, 6 July 2020 and anticipated to be completed within 4 weeks. Regular updates will be made as we progress.

Site of Works 

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Can I still visit the beach? 
Yes, but please note that there will be less space than usual as for health and safety reasons, we will be closing off a section of the beach. There will be a signed temporary footpath diversion in place.

Where can I park my car? 
You can find the list of car parks on Havant Borough Council’s website here: www.havant.gov.uk/beachlands 

Can I access and use my beach hut behind the revetment?
Yes, but please be mindful that there will be heavy machinery in use and path diversions in place.

What will happen to the old timbers? Can I have some of this?
We must consider public health and safety during the COVID-19 pandemic, and as such, we can’t allow members of the public inside the works compound area. Any useful, significant pieces will be transported to the Havant Borough Council storage yard for Council use. Whatever is left, will be made available for public use. If you would like to register your interest for any timber, please email coastal.team@havant.gov.uk with your contact details and we will be in touch during late summer.

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For further questions or issues, please email coastal.team@havant.gov.uk