Hayling Island & Portsmouth

Tracer Deployment & Monitoring

An initial trial deployment of 300 tracers was carried out on the Eastoke frontage during September 2010. The tracers remained within three adjacent groyne bays, and the average detection rate was >70%.

A further 1000 pebbles were deployed at Eastoke during March 2011 and 250 at 3 sites near to the entrance to Langstone Harbour during January 2011.

There were a total of 12 deployment sites at Portsmouth, with the release of 1800 pebbles at various sites along the whole open coast frontage.

Pebbles were deployed either side of Langstone Harbour entrance to measure the direction of sediment movement around the harbour mouth.

Monitoring surveys were conducted after the first week of deployment and then approximately every 1-2 months for the first year in the field. After the first year the frequency of survey was reduced to once per annum, with the tracers now within the field environment for over 2 years.

This information has provided some valuable results so far to aid in current beach management activities and build on our knowledge of coastal processes.

This study will be continued by a local university who will look at the results in greater detail, potentially deploying more pebbles to address areas of uncertainty along the beach.


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