Timber Maintenance - March/April 2020

Timber Maintenance

Notification of works along the South Hayling Frontage 


The last four weeks have consisted of repairs to Eastoke timber groynes and the Coastguard revetment to maintain our flood and coastal erosion defences. Week commencing 20/04/20 (Week 5), we will be replacing missing planking on the timber groynes at West Beach as they remain effective at holding beach. The ageing revetment is not part of these work and remains closed off to the public.


During March and April 2020 maintenance will be carried out on the timber structures along the South Hayling frontage. Havant Borough Council have appointed Earlcoate Ltd to carry out repairs to over 20 timber groynes along the Eastoke frontage, as well as a timber sloping revetment. The works increased the design life of the structures following storm damage over the winter months.



The works are due to commence during week starting 23rd March 2020, and are expected to last 3 weeks in total. The work will include the replacement of timber planking and piles on each of the groynes, and patch maintenance on the sloping timber revetments.

During these works you may see a small number of construction vehicles on the beach and lower foreshore. The maintenance will be carried out between 7am and 7pm Monday to Friday, and the beach will remain open to the public at all times.