Stokes Bay Seawall – Concrete Repairs

Concrete repairs are to be carried out to damaged sections of the seawall and splashwall along Stokes Bay Road. These works will stabilise the seawall and prevent further deterioration of the splashwall, while developing long-term management options.

Works are due to start on Monday 28th October 2019 and will take approximately six weeks to complete. 

Where and what will happen?

The works are split in to two elements: seawall repairs and splashwall repairs.

Seawall repairs: Temporary works will be undertaken to stabilise the wall during the reconstruction phase. To do this, bulk bags will be filled with shingle and placed in front of the leaning section of seawall together with steel beams to prevent collapse. These will be removed on completion of the works.

In total, 32m of seawall will be reconstructed. The footpath and top section of the wall will be removed. Fill material will be placed in any voided areas beneath the promenade. Reinforced concrete will then be cast to form new sections of footpath and the top section of the wall.


Splashwall repairs: Damaged areas will be prepared and filled with a concrete mix to form a smooth surface. A ‘Concrete Canvas’ will be placed and secured along the top of the splashwall, 45m long in length. The ‘Concrete Canvas’ is an innovative material which has been used in coastal schemes along the south coast of England. The canvas material is delivered to site in rolls of fabric with a fibre matrix embedded within. Once draped along the top of the splashwall, allowing the fabric to follow the natural contours of the splashwall, it will be sprayed with freshwater to activate the concrete fibres to form the hardened protective surface. 


The works are to be carried out by J. T. Mackley & Co Ltd. and will take place Monday to Friday from 7am-7pm. Maintenance works are funded by Gosport Borough Council.

Works area and compound location plan:

What will you experience?

For health and safety reasons, the section of footpath within the works area will be closed for the duration of the works. There will be a signed temporary footpath diversion in place.

During repairs to the splashwall, one lane of Stokes Bay Road to the rear of the wall will be temporarily closed for up to 2 weeks. The lane will be reopened overnight and at weekends.

The Contractor's temporary compound will be set up in one half of the Alverbank East Car Park, and therefore fewer parking spaces will be available throughout the construction works.

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We would like to thank you in advance for your co-operation during this work.

Should you have any questions or would like further information, please do not hesitate to make contact via