Southsea Scheme

Plans for new coastal defences along Southsea seafront are in motion.

The new defences are intended to cover 2.8 miles (4.5km) of the seafront from Long Curtain Moat, near the Royal Garrison Church, to Eastney Barracks.

We are currently applying for funding from central government to develop a detailed design.

So why are new coastal defences needed?

Did you know that there are currently 4,114 homes and 704 businesses at risk of flooding from the sea in Southsea? The area is low lying and many of the existing defences are reaching the end of their life, with some dating back as far as World War II. In addition to this, climate change is causing sea levels to rise and the number and size of storms to increase, leading a higher risk of flooding.

To address this, improvements to the coastal defences are being developed.

Back in 2014 we presented a shortlist of three coastal defence options over a series of four local events. Since then we have narrowed the options down to a preferred option, based on what is technically, environmentally and economically viable and sustainable and taking into account the feedback from the public events.

The preferred option for the scheme is a primary concrete sloped revetment with a secondary setback wall. An example of what this may look like is shown in the image below.

Southsea castle example

 Visualisation of what the preferred option could look like by Southsea Castle.

We have submitted a business case to central government for funding for the scheme. When this is approved we will be able to progress the preferred option concept design into a detailed design. The specific alignment and finish of the coastal defence will evolve during the detailed design phase.

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