South Hayling Beach Nourishment

Update from Hayling Island Dredging.

The Eastern Solent Coastal Partnership for Havant Borough Council have successfully carried out a short beach nourishment campaign along Hayling Island from the 31st October 2015 to 1st November 2015. The campaign involved dredging c. 6,200m3 of shingle from the approach channel to Chichester Harbour, where the shingle material has naturally built up which could otherwise cause a navigation risk to local mariners.  It was then pumped ashore onto the beach at Eastoke, in front of the Nabb Car Park, Southwood Road, Hayling Island, maintaining the coastal flooding and erosion protection to the properties of the Eastoke Peninsula.  Beneficial reuse of material in this way has many benefits, maintaining the approach channel whilst providing flood risk management to the properties of Eastoke in a cost effective way.

The first discharge commenced at 01:24 in the early hours of Saturday morning, with 2 further discharges per high tide, completing late afternoon on Sunday 1st November. 

The dredger and pump ashore was a spectacular site which attracted many local residents and passers by to watch and learn more information about how and why we were carrying out the works.  

How was the work carried out?

The work involved the following activities:

  1. Dredging shingle for nourishment from the Chichester Harbour Approach Channel;
  2. Temporary closure of small areas of Eastoke Beach to receive nourishment material;
  3. Pumping ashore of the shingle from the dredger by “Rainbowing” ashore. The dredger has a very shallow draft allowing the vessel to come very close in shore and a jet pump is used to pump the material onto the shore.

Due to the tidal nature of the work this was a 24 hour operation.

What will the beach look like now?

Initially the material looked darker than the beach previously however this will blend in given time.  The ESCP have already carried out works to remove the “cliffing” along the recently nourished frontage, however, due to the nature of the material, some additional “cliffing” of the newly deposited material could still occur.  We will continue to monitor the beach frontage throughout the winter period.

It is anticipated that the beach will return to its natural profile in time as the material sorts itself through natural processes.

Looking at the images above taken on the 1st November, you can see how the process worked, how there was minimal localised disturbance to the wildlife and how we at Eastern Solent Costal Partnership worked on site.

If you would like to see the dredging in action, please visit our YouTube channel to watch our video from 2007 describing how it all works;

YouTube channel ‘Vass’ have also uploaded a video showing a dredge from November 2014 with over 1,000 views;


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