North Solent Shoreline Management Plan

The North Solent Shoreline Management Plan was approved in 2010 and sets the coastal management policies along the coastline for the ESCP frontage.

The North Solent SMP shoreline covers some 386km between Selsey Bill and Hurst Spit, and includes Chichester, Langstone and Portsmouth Harbours, Southampton Water and the tidal extent of the main rivers. Compared to other SMPs being developed around theUK, the North Solent SMP is unique because:

  • Over 60% of the shoreline is privately owned, the majority of which has privately maintained defences.
  • 76% of the shoreline is defended with structures and/or beach management activities.
  • 80% of shoreline has a European or International nature conservation designation as Special Areas of Conservation (SACs), Special Protection Areas (SPAs) and or Ramsar sites.
  • The majority of the existing defences have European and International nature conservation designated site(s) landward and seaward of the line of defence.
  • The majority of the North Solent is developed with residential, commercial, industrial and agricultural development.

For further information please visit the North Solent SMP website using the related links section of this page.