Salterns Recreation Ground Seawall

Salterns Recreation Ground Seawall


The seawall which is owned and maintained by Fareham Borough Council (FBC) is the primary flood and coastal erosion defence for the recreation ground. The wall has undergone a series of maintenance repairs since its construction over 50 years ago, including concrete patch repairs and repointing of joints. The wall is prone to overtopping during exceptionally high tides and is a popular public open space in FBC.  During the winter storms a short section of wall was identified to have rotated forwards and was closed off to the public for safety. This is now in need of urgent repairs.


Work description 

The works include the removal and reconstruction of a 25m X 1.4m section of blockwork seawall along Salterns Recreation Ground. This will reinstate the primary flood and coastal erosion protection for this location.

The works require the rotated section to be taken down symapthetically and systematically before being reconstructed using the existing blocks, with improved drainage.


The council expects the project to start during the week commencing the 14th September 2020 for around 3-weeks.

Project Site Compound and Works Area

The project site compound is as shown to the right. Click to englarge.

Public Access and Safety

Movement of all equipment from the compound to the site shall be with attendance of a banksman. The coastal footpath shall remain open for the duration of the works, with fencing placed around the works area, ensuring a safe access route is maintained.

We ask the public to please be mindful that there will be heavy machinery in use with path crossing points in place during the works.

It may be necessary during the works that a short section of road on the eastern carriageway in Salterns Lane, adjacent to the compound location will need to be coned-off for contractor delivery access. Salterns Lane will remain open during the whole of the works.