The Regional Habitat Creation Programme

This is an Environment Agency led programme, which seeks to replace saltmarsh habitats that are lost by the process of ‘coastal squeeze’.

This focuses on saltmarsh habitats, because historically there has been a worrying decline in these, and we are still loosing saltmarsh at a worrying rate due to sea level rise. Saltmarsh habitats are important feeding grounds, particularly for birds.

The programme has predicted saltmarsh losses over the next 100 years, and has identified potential sites in our region for saltmarsh habitat creation opportunities. The programme has prioritised sites, based on how likely it is that they could be implemented, as there are many barriers to managed realignment, such as landowner concerns, physical characteristics of the site, opposition from communities, potential loss of freshwater habitats and roosting sites behind, etc.  

For more information on protecting coastal wildlife and habitats please visit the Environment Agency's website using the related links section of this page.


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