Wade Court Footpath, Chichester Harbour

Following damage to the seawall at this site throughout the year, works have begun to stabilise the seawall here prior to the winter.

Our contractors, APA Concrete Repairs Ltd., will be carrying out works on the foreshore during the week commencing 24th October 2016. The works will involve the removal of bricks from the foreshore, and the seawall will then be secured using a sprayed concrete facing. This will prevent further damage over the winter 2016/2017.

It is anticipated that these works will take 3 days to complete, however this may vary slightly depending on weather conditions and tide levels during the working day. Due to the environmental considerations on the site, all works will be completed and off site by the end of October 2016.

During the works you will see our contractors on the foreshore, and fencing will also be in place along the edge of the footpath around the site.