Tracer Pebble Fame on BBC Countryfile.

We are delighted to announce we appeared on BBC Countryfile last night (Sunday 13th May) with our feature showing how ESCP have developed a method for tracking shingle movement along a beach. This method works by inserting Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) chips into pebbles. By deploying and tracking these 'smart' pebbles along the coastline, valuable information is gathered by the direction of sediment movement which is then used to manage flood and erosion risk to our communities.

Our feature on BBC Countryfile took place on the Solent at Hayling Island with our coastal engineers Sacha Neill and Dr Sam Cope explaining how we make these 'smart' pebbles and how we use the results to inform future beach management.

To catch up on all the information about our famous pebbles, watch here on BBC iPlayer.