Public Exhibitions for new Coastal Defences at Tipner Lake

Thank you to those who visited both our exhibitions. We had a brilliant turn out at both events with some great and interesting questions asked by our visitors. 

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New coastal defences are being built as part of the North Portsea Island Coastal Flood Defence Scheme which has been designed to reduce the risk of coastal flooding and erosion to the area over the next 100 years.

This phase of the works will be from the Mountbatten Centre, Twyford Avenue to the Ports Creek Roundabout and will form Phase 3 of the North Portsea Island works. Construction is due to start in April / May 2017, with completion proposed in autumn 2019. Phase 1 of the works was at Anchorage Park and completed in August 2016, Phase 2 took place at Milton Common and completed in October 2016.

When will the work happen?

  • Construction work to improve the coastal flood defences along Tipner Lake, will start in spring 2017 and continue each summer until 2019.
  • Before works can start, existing vegetation will be cleared to prepare the site for construction. This has been timed to minimise disturbance to local wildlife.
  • These works are subject to planning approval. The planning application was submitted in October 2016 and is available to view at the Portsmouth City Council Planning Portal.
  • Construction can only take place during the summer months, adhering to regulations to avoid disturbing the birds using the harbour during the winter.

Why are we doing the works?

  • The existing seawall along this stretch of coastline is in variable but poor condition.
  • The current defence is considered too low to provide adequate flood protection to the area behind.
  • An extreme storm event could result in sea water going over the top of the defences, causing flooding.
  • To reduce the risk of flooding through sea level rise.

How will I be affected?

  • The construction works will be undertaken over a period of three years, and will be delivered in phases to minimise disruption to the local community.
  • The map outlines the sections of coastline that will be closed to the public each year due to the construction works.
  • A formal cycle diversion will follow Northern Parade.
  • Local access and diversion routes will be available around working areas where possible.
What will it look like?
  • We will be constructing a higher reinforced concrete seawall to reduce the flood risk to the area.
  • The area behind the seawall will be landscaped and the shared use path reconstructed.
  • The area will also be replanted with specially selected vegetation.

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