Timber Maintenance Works - 2018

March Update

Maintenance to the timber coast protection structures along the southern coastline of Hayling Island were completed in February 2018. Repairs were carried out to various groyne structures in front of properties at Eastoke, and to the sloping timber revetment infront of the Coastguard Hut . New navigation markers were also installed at the seaward end of three timber groynes, which had fallen during winter storms.

In addition to the maintenance works, five age expired timber groynes were removed at West Beach. Coastal monitoring of the sea defences following winter storms identified the deteriorating condition of these groynes. The five badly exposed and isolated timber structures were removed during week commencing 19th March 2018, to reduce the safety risk to the public and to navigation at this location.

Both sets of works were carried out by Earlcoate Construction Ltd, Fordingbridge who are an experienced coastal engineering contractor

Emergency Timber Removal Works at West Beach, Hayling Island: March 2018

Following the winter storms, coastal monitoring of the sea defence structures at West Beach, Hayling Island identified the deteriorating condition of the groynes. Five badly exposed and isolated timber groynes have now become serious health and safety risk hazards to beach users and to navigation. We therefore intend to commence emergency health and safety related works on these structures.  

The work will involve the removal of the five redundant and life expired timber groynes (references 55a, 56, 56a, 57 and 57a), as they no longer serve a purpose as coastal defence structures.

Works are to be carried out by Earlcoate Construction Ltd., who have recently undertaken timber groyne works along the south coast of Hayling Island and are experienced in this type of work.

The removal of the structures will commence on Wednesday March 14th, 2018, with completion due by 29th March 2018 to ensure that all works are completed before the Easter holidays.

Please be aware that access may be limited at some areas of the beach. Thank you for your patience while we undertake these urgent works.

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