North Portsea Consultation Success!

Four public consultation events were held across the north of Portsmouth during February 2014. Members of the public were invited to share their views and find out more about design options for reducing flood risk across the north of the Portsea Island coastline. The consultations revealed a strong interest and support amongst locals for reducing the risk to flooding and constructing new sea defences around North Portsea Island. 

The consultations were held at key venues across the scheme area. These included Anchorage Lodge, Portsmouth Watersports Centre, the Inn Lodge and Mountbatten Centre.  Refreshments were provided at each venue allowing for more informal conversation over a hot drink.

The events were well attended, particularly by residents fromAnchorage Park, reflecting the importance of the scheme for the local area. Over 200 people attended these events and some useful information and viewpoints were shared on what people want for the future of their coast.

A strong effort was made to publicise the events. Leaflets were delivered to 3,500 properties in the scheme area and also placed in libraries and the venues for the events.  An article was also published in The News, and shared via our website and social media accounts.

Thank you for sharing your views

 Over 350 questionnaire responses were received. We would like to thank all those who took the time to fill out the survey; your views will be presented on our application for funding and the results will be shared on our website.

What happens now?

 Detailed analysis of each design option will now be carried out, taking into account economic, technical, environmental and stakeholder considerations.

 Following this exercise we will be submitting a business case to the Environment Agency (EA) and will hear later in the year how much funding will be available for the scheme. Dependant on the amount received, we will then consider the requirement for contributions to supplement government funding.

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