Hill Head Road-East

Hill Head Road-East

The area known as Hill Head East is located between 'Giblet Ore' and the Salterns Car Park on the south eastern coastline of the Borough. The frontage is privately owned by the adjoining householders for land above Mean High Water Level (MHWL). The foreshore below MHWL is leased to Fareham Borough Council by the Crown Estates.

There has been gradual erosion and dilapidation of these privately owned sea defences over many years. Fareham Borough Council are engaging with local residents to develop suitable and viable coastal protection measures for this frontage.

Beach Management Plan (BMP)

The coastal frontage sits within the Hill Head to Portsmouth Harbour Entrance BMP which is currently being developed by the ESCP and will look at the coastal processes affecting the frontage. This information will help to inform suitable management proposals for the future.

Hill Head to Portsmouth Harbour Entrance Beach Management Plan Study

The above map is an extract from the BMP showing the areas of erosion and accretion over the study area to highlight where material could be extracted from and deposited as part of the plan.

                  Area of Interest                

Coastal Protection Structures & Amenity Areas

The Council have no plans to replace or construct new Council owned defences at Hill Head Road and accepts the current low beach levels can restrict access along this stretch at high tide.

Fareham Borough Council is however committed to working towards a BMP to better maintain healthy beach levels along the open coast. 


What are the responsibilities of the Council for the beach area?

As leaseholder, the Council has a number of responsibilities relating to the maintenance of the foreshore (such as keeping the foreshore clean and tidy, and keeping works in good repair and condition). However, there is no Council responsibility for the repair of the failed sea defences. We are currently negotiating a lease renewal with the Crown and will let you know once it is signed.

How can I check my responsibilities as a Landowner?

You can find out if you have responsibility for the beach by checking the details in your property’s title. Details of any title can be requested from the Land Registry for a small fee: www.gov.uk/getinformation-about-property-and-land/copies-of-deeds

If your property backs onto an unregistered piece of beach (as shown below) then you should take independent legal advice about your potential responsibilities, as land ownership along the coast is often unclear in these situations.

What Council policies are in place for this stretch of shore?

The Council has in place a Shoreline Management Plan (SMP) along this coastal area, that aims to keep the position of the shoreline the same. This is known as ‘Holding the Line’. The Council has no current plans to replace or construct new defences at Hill Head Road, and accept that the current low beach levels will block access along this stretch of beach at high tide. You can find out more by reading the River Hamble to Portchester Coastal Flood and Erosion Risk Management Strategy (ODU 22 on page17) at www.escp.org.uk.

What can the Council do to help?

There are a number of ways in which we plan to help:

1. Meet with Hill Head Road landowners to understand your aspirations and how these align to the Coastal Strategy Policy and objectives of the Beach Management Plan (in preparation).

2. Provide advice and reasonable technical assistance to help the Hill Head Road landowners to procure, develop proposals and secure funding for their own coastal protection project, to reduce the risk of flooding and erosion to their land.

3. Continue to monitor beach levels, undertaking routine surveys, post storms surveys, and share this information with interested parties.

4. Set out the relevant local authority and environmental regulations to allow consents and approvals to be secured.

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