Funding secured for the environment!

The Eastern Solent Coastal Partnership is pleased to confirm that it has secured £200k external funding to deliver two coastal environmental studies. Following the preperation and submission of two business cases to the Environment Agency, the Partnership has received formal approval of 100% 'grant in aid' funding from the Environment Agency for the following two studies:

1.    Bird Movement Data Study within the Solent Coastal Network: £105k funding secured (£139k including contingency);

2.    Solent Coastal Network Study for Compensation / Mitigation for High Level Roost Sites: £81.5k funding secured (£98k including contingency).

The first study aims to improve our knowledge of the movements of wildfowl and wading bird species between inland roosting and intertidal feeding sites within the Solent. The study outputs will help advise us how to maintain important links between these sites to sustain populations of internationally protected bird species in the Solent, whilst delivering flood and erosion risk management schemes to protect our communities.

The second project will identify opportunities to create and improve wildfowl and wading bird roost sites within the Solent, something we are legally required to do, where coastal defences result in habitat loss.

 Without these two environmental projects, delivery of flood and coastal erosion risk management will become increasingly difficult over time, due to climate change and pressures on land and important environmental sites within the Solent.

Once complete, these studies will advise and enable delivery of:

  • Future coastal policy within shoreline management plans and flood and coastal erosion risk management strategies along the full partnership's coastline (and beyond);
  • Future coastal flood and erosion risk management schemes to protect our communities;
  • Coastal environmental enhancement opportunities for our internationally important and legally protected environmental sites - which is becoming increasingly important to mitigate or compensate for our ongoing and future coastal flood and erosion risk management works.

In addition, it has been recognised that these studies will help unlock development sites in the Solent region. This is alongside ensuring there is no likelihood of a significant effect to the Solent network of internationally protected nature conservation sites whilst the coastal defence work and economic development which the region sorely needs can go ahead unheeded.

For more information on these studies please email