Completion of beach recycling works along the Eastoke Frontage

© Steve Parsons/Press Association

Last week, Havant Borough Council completed their beach management operations along the Hayling Island seafront in accordance with the Beach Management Plan for the area. The works took 4 weeks to complete, finishing on 25th October 2016. 

For this operation we carried out beach nourishment. We imported approximately 5,000 tonnes of material, which was delivered by road and stored in Eastoke Corner car park, and was then transferred to the beach via trucks. We also carried out a maintenance dredge of the Chichester Harbour Approach Channel, with the material deposited on to the beach via “rainbowing”.

The contractor, Boskalis Westminster Limited, used 2 dumper trucks, a bulldozer, an excavator and a dredger – the Sospan Dau – to carry out the works. We deposited approximately 28,000m3 of shingle on the Eastoke frontage. This has helped us to build the beach levels back up prior to the winter period.

We will continue to monitor the condition of the beach over the winter period to help inform future beach management decisions. We would also like to thank local residents and members of the public for your patience during these works.