Langstone Coastal Defence Study

Havant Borough Council (HBC) are undertaking a feasibility study to appraise options and develop outline designs for sea defences at Langstone to reduce coastal flood and erosion risk to over 100 properties over the next 100 years, as well as critical infrastructure including the A3023, the only road access to Hayling Island.In March 2018, the Eastern Solent Coastal Partnership (ESCP) on behalf of HBC, secured £376,000 of funding made up from Regional Flood and Coastal Committee Levy and HBC Community Infrastructure Levy to progress the outline design stage of the Langstone scheme.


The project team recently held drop in to information events in November 2018 where they shared the shortlisted coastal defence options for Langstone. An event report will be made available in due course. 

The events were held at Langstone Sailing Club on Tuesday, November 20 from 4pm-8pm and at The Ship Inn, Langstone, on Thursday, November 22, from 6pm-9pm.

Couldn't make the events? The exhibition materials are available to view here.

Where is the Langstone Frontage?

The Study aims to develop preferred coastal defence options for the Langstone frontage, near Havant, as recommended in the Portchester to Emsworth Flood and Coastal Erosion Risk Management (FCERM) Strategy (the Strategy - Environment Agency 2011).

The ~1km long Langstone frontage is located on the mainland immediately north of Hayling Island (see figure 1 below). Both Langstone and Chichester Harbours are sensitive sites, designated environmentally at a Local, National and International level.

The frontage is popular with locals and tourists due to its unique setting and is an important cultural heritage area, with 8 listed buildings in the Langstone Conservation Area and a historic Wadeway from Langstone to Hayling Island.

 Figure 1 | Langstone Coastal Defence Study extent

*To view the flood maps for the Langstone Coastal Defence Study, please click here*

Why is there a need for a scheme?

The coastal defence scheme will aim to reduce flood and coastal erosion risk over the next 100 years for over 100 properties, heritage assets and critical infrastructure including the A3023; the only road crossing to Hayling Island.

The existing defences consisting of a mixture of concrete walls, concrete block revetments and masonry quay walls which are in a poor condition. Currently maintained by HBC and other private owners, the majority of present defences have residual lives of less than 5 years (without any maintenance) and therefore, without a Langstone Scheme the existing community will continue to be at significant flood risk.

What have we done so far?

  • Ground and Structural Investigations

  • Preliminary environmental and heritage studies

  • Initial community engagement

  • Defined a longlist of options

  • Reduced the longlist to a shortlist of options

What is happening next?

The project team are engaging with the local community and businesses in November to share the shortlisted options for the Langstone frontage for discussion and comment.The next stage of the study will involve the appraisal of the shortlisted options to identify the most environmentally sustainable, technically feasible, economically affordable and socially acceptable option to manage Langstone’s flood and erosion risks into the future.

We will continue to closely engage with the community throughout development of the study.

Southmoor Scheme

The planning application for the Southmoor Managed Realignment Scheme was withdrawn recently by the Environment Agency (EA), due to a number of major constraints within the site relating to important utility infrastructure assets. The escalating requirements needed to protect these assets meant a decrease in the available land for potential habitat creation and a significant increase in scheme construction costs.  Even with contributions secured towards the costs of the scheme, the scheme is not financially viable and therefore will not be progressed any further by the EA. The ESCP will review the Southmoor scheme from a flood risk management perspective during the appraisal stage of the Langstone scheme. Click here to view our position statement on the Southmoor Scheme.

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