Hill Head to Portsmouth Harbour BMP Study

Hill Head to Portsmouth Harbour Entrance Beach Management Plan Study

The River Hamble to Portchester Strategy (‘The Strategy’) identified a 10km stretch of coastline in Fareham and Gosport as a key area for beach management. The ESCP has successfully applied to the Environment Agency for funding to develop this Beach Management Plan (BMP) which will build on the Strategy.

The BMP extends from Hill Head to the western tip of Portsmouth Harbour Entrance and includes Lee-on-the-Solent beach, which underwent works in 1997 (rock groynes and beach nourishment), and other key areas such as Hill Head and Stokes Bay, which have had smaller interventions in response to erosion issues. However, sustainable beach management benefits from a broader and more strategic approach and the ESCP are now developing a BMP study to reduce erosion and flood risk, and maintain the recreational benefits that the beach offers. A key element of this is to analyse the coastal processes over the BMP frontage and wider area, informed by 14 years of survey data. Full environmental consideration will be given when making recommendations for future operational phases of the BMP.

We will need to think creatively and deliver differently to secure funding to ensure that the BMP study can be converted into operational management of the beach. The ESCP will need to seek contributions, approvals and to work with others to effectively deliver the project. If you think this is something that you, as a business or individual, may be interested in contributing to, please get in touch. Contributions are not solely monetary, but can be in the form of, for example, voluntary work, site access or information including photographs or local environmental knowledge.

A key element of the development of this BMP will be in the form of a public consultation and engagement. The Strategy undertook a consultation exercise back in 2014, which showed strong support for the project. The BMP Study will identify and integrate wider initiatives such as regeneration, tourism, recreation and amenity objectives into the operational phase of the BMP. An information exhibition is due to be held around this Spring, so please keep an eye out on our website and social media for more information.

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