Hayling Island Funding & Implementation Strategy

Hayling Island Funding & Implementation Strategy

Havant Borough Council (HBC) are currently developing a Funding & Implementation Strategy on Hayling Island. This is the first step towards the development of a Flood and Coastal Erosion Risk Management (FCERM) Strategy to help manage coastal flood and erosion risk around the entirety of Hayling Island for the next 100 years.

In late 2018 the Eastern Solent Coastal Partnership (ESCP), on behalf of HBC, secured £190,000 of Grant-in-Aid funding from the Environment Agency to undertake the preliminary work to:

  • Review previous studies and strategies around the island, collate all past recommendations and identify data gaps
  • Assess the existing condition of defences around the whole island
  • Undertake flood risk modelling to get an up to date picture of what’s at risk on Hayling; both now and in the future
  • Calculate the potential economic benefits of undertaking future FCERM works
  • Identify potential beneficiaries of flood/ erosion protection to understand potential funding partners for future FCERM works

The ESCP strongly believe a strategy is required for Hayling Island and are actively sourcing funding, including from HBC, in order to try and progress with a full FCERM Strategy. For an example of a completed strategy please visit - www.escp.org.uk/strategy

Why do we need a strategy?

The North Solent Shoreline Management Plan (NSSMP) (2010) identified over 1200 residential and 60 commercial properties currently at significant risk from a 1 in 200 year tidal flooding event. This is likely to increase to over 2500 residential and 90 commercial properties in 100 years’ time (if no flood defences were in place).

However, unlike the surrounding coastline, there is currently no FCERM strategy in place for Hayling Island and the majority of previous strategic studies undertaken on Hayling Island are now out of date.

How you have helped us so far…

We recently undertook a survey to understand the direct and indirect impacts of coastal flooding and erosion on the local Hayling Island and wider borough economy. 

The outputs from this survey will be used to identify the wider economic benefits to help justify potential future Flood and Coastal Erosion Risk Management measures on the island