Future design of Lower Wade Way Slipway

Coastal flood defence improvement works are due to take place along the Tipner Frontage. As part of these works, the design of the Lower Wade Way slipway structure is under consideration.

The current slipway structure is approximately 285m in length, old and in poor condition. There is an opportunity to amend the slipway design as part of the scheme.

An option is being considered to shorten the slipway. Access to the foreshore at this location would be maintained, however reducing the tidal window of its use. Although this is the case, a reduced slipway length would create large environmental benefits, including gaining back internationally protected mudflat.

Due to landward constraints it makes it difficult to locate areas that can be realigned. The (part) removal of structures such as Lower Wade Way Slipway will help maintain the balance of mudflat habitat within the designated site boundary as sea defence improvement works take place.

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