Coastal Asset Inspections

Asset Inspections are undertaken along both the open coast and harbour coastlines within the Coastal Partnership area. A full inspection is generally undertaken once a year where we visually inspect the coastline using the Environment Agency's 'Managing Flood Risk' document. 

Why do we carry out Asset Inspections?

By undertaking these inspections we can assess if there are areas which are more vulnerable due to the poorer condition of their defences or where maintenance is required to minimise the flood risk so that they can be raised in the Local Authority budget and the works be undertaken in planned maintenance. Those structures in the poorest condition and with the highest maintenance urgency have a report for proposed options for works written up so that works can be assessed so that the most vulnerable areas are dealt with first.

What does it involve?

When undertaking the inspections, we assess the following items:

  • Condition of the structure overall (Visually Graded 1-5 using national standards (5 being the worst condition))
  • Condition of the worst element of the structure
  • Residual life (the length of time the structure is estimated to provide defence if no work is done)
  • Maintenance Urgency / assessment of how urgent maintenance is required on the structure so we can prioritise work. (Graded A-C with A being highest urgency)
  • Type of structure (e.g- seawall, groyne, natural bank, revetment etc).

We also take general photos of the sea defence along with any areas of concern so maintenance works can be actioned or inform third parties if not maintained by the Local Authority.  The photographs are taken using a GPS enabled camera so when we upload the photographs of the structures, we have an accurate record of when and where the photograph was taken.

How do we do it?

We gather this data on site using a GPS enabled PDA which means we can plot the structures on GIS Mapping once we return to the office, the PDA also holds the database of the information which is gathered for each structure using a form on the PDA .

Asset Inspection