Beach Management Works on the Eastoke Frontage - 2018

Beach Management Works on the Eastoke Frontage

Works are scheduled to commence on Hayling Island during week beginning 24th September 2018. During these works we will be carrying out maintenance on the rock revetment structure at Eastoke Point, and recycling material back to Eastoke in front of the properties, to help reduce the risk of coastal flooding and erosion over the winter period.

The maintenance of the rock revetment structure at Eastoke Point will be carried out first, with works commencing from 24th September 2018. Materials and machinery for these works will be delivered to Eastoke Corner car park and stored here prior to transportation. A haul route will be built up over the rock structure at Eastoke Point to allow access to the beach adjacent to the nature reserve, following which the material will be transported to this location. It is likely that for the first two weeks on site a portion of the Eastoke Corner car park will be closed to the public to allow safe storage of materials.

Once the rock works are nearing completion, our Contractor will mobilise larger dumper trucks and an excavator to site. This machinery will be used to carry out beach recycling along the Eastoke frontage. Beach recycling is programmed to start on site on 8th October 2018 and are expected to last for a period of 3 weeks. We are planning to carry out the beach recycling to build up the beach crest width along the developed Eastoke frontage, in order to maintain the first line of defence against coastal flooding.

The works will involve heavy earthmoving machinery working along the beach, transporting shingle from areas of build up to depleted groyne bays along the Eastoke frontage. This will restore the beach to the recommended standard of protection for the winter period. The material during this campaign will be extracted from Gunner Point – this source of material is once again accessible following agreement from the landowner, Hayling Golf Club. We will also be using material extracted from the Open Beach, east of Inn on the Beach. We are planning to recycle approximately 25,000m3 shingle during these works.

Our Contractor, Les Searle, will be working along the beach crest between 6am and 10pm; Monday to Friday. You may notice a pause in works over high tide; due to environmental restrictions we cannot work for 2.5hours around high tide and so the dumper trucks may be parked on the beach crest during these times.

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