Beach Nourishment

Completed Works at South Hayling. Find out more by clicking here: South Hayling Beach Management

Beach nourishment can be defined as:

 “The replacement of sediment lost from a section of beach using either beach recharge, recycling or bypassing, or any combination thereof.”

Beach Recharge - Material is sourced from outside the normal beach sediment system and introduced to the littoral system.

Beach Recycling - Material is sourced from downdrift in the littoral system and returned to the nourished beach.

Beach Bypassing - Material is sourced from updrift in the littoral system and moved on to the nourished beach.

There are three main scenarios in which beach nourishment is commonly used:

  • In areas of coast experiencing loss of beach material and a shortage of incoming littoral drift;
  • On any beach acting as a self-contained coastal cell but where redistribution of the beach material is occurring;
  • For the purposes of enhancing or retaining the recreational value of the area by creating a wider beach, or following land reclamation such as the construction of a promenade, a similar beach further seaward.

Transportation methods:


  • Split bottom barges
  • Dredgers
  • Pipeline (“sinker”)
  • Rainbowing / Trickling


  •  Dumpers
  •  Lorries
  •  Conveyor
  •  Pipeline
The ESCP have developed a 5 year beach management plan for South Hayling (2012-2017). A documentary about the beach management activities there can be found below: