Bathymetric Surveys

What is a Bathymetric Survey?

It is the surveying of the near shore sea bed, for the purpose of mapping , navigation, engineering, or resource management purposes.  Repeated bathymetric survey data, when added to the beach profile data, builds up a comprehensive picture to help quantify and explain beach changes above and below the water line.  This data can be fed into computer models to help design appropriate coastal defences. 

What equipment do we use?

For our Bathymetric Surveys, we use both a chartered vessel and a 4.5m RIB.  The RIB is used for shallow water surveys (nearshore and sandbanks) due to the small draft on this boat.  The larger vessel is used for surveys further offshore as it offers a safer working environment for the surveyors. Both these vessels use an Echosounder and RTK GPS to give the surveyor real time information about the bed level and position of the vessel. 

When do we carry out these surveys?

These surveys are carried out annually, through the summer months, to build a picture up of how the seabed of the near shore zone is changing year on year.

Where do we carry out these surveys?

The surveys are conducted along the open coast frontage from West Wittering through to Eastney, Portsmouth.


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