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"To reduce the risk of coastal flooding and erosion to our communities and encourage the provision of technically, environmentally and economically sustainable coastal defence and protectionmeasures."

Eastern Solent Coastal Partnership

The Eastern Solent Coastal Partnership (ESCP) is a team of specialist coastal officers and engineers who manage 162km of Hampshire's coastline through Fareham, Gosport, Portsmouth and Havant. The Partnership formed in 2012 and consists of an alliance between Fareham Borough Council, Gosport Borough Council, Portsmouth City Council and Havant Borough Council.

Before its formation, the coastline was managed separately by each Local Authority. Now that a Shared Service Agreement has been established, the Partnership has combined its expertise and management to develop a service which recognises that coastal management issues are not exclusive to Local Authority boundaries.

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Since the formation of the ESCP in 2012 we have been delivering projects to extremely hgh standards, reducing coastal flood and erosion risk to thousands of properties whilst enhancing the shoreline for our communities. The Partnership has surpassed thework that each Local Authority could have achieved in isolation, whilst making a combined saving of £1,534,000.

Given the rapid growth of the Partnership over a relavively short time period there has been a need for us to reshape ourselves. This has allowed us to continue to deliver our projects to a high standard and ensure public service excellence for our communities. 

The hard work and capability of the team we have created has been continually recognised through various awards, including; The MJ Local Government Achievement Commendation for Partnership Working (2016), Havant Borough Council Team of the year (2016/2017) & the London South East Construction Award (2017).