Stokes Bay Sea Wall & Promenade Repairs 2016

Damage and closure

The sea wall and promenade at Stokes Bay have sustained serious damage through being undermined by the sea. In two places, at the east and west ends of the promenade, the sea has extensively undermined the wall, reaching completely under the promenade and even further toward the road. The sea wall along the central section of the promenade has also deteriorated, and a section of it has actually rotated outwards toward the sea. The area has been fenced off to protect the public from harm while a plan of action is being put together. Access along Stokes Bay is still possible by using the two car parks and higher promenade.


The ESCP has been monitoring the area closely, and is now working with Gosport Borough Council to determine the best approach for tackling the situation. Repair plans for the western section of the promenade have been agreed on, and coastal engineers are carrying out further investigations on the more seriously damaged central and eastern sections. The aim is to understand the cause of the damage and ascertain its extent under the promenade. Their findings will be used to develop a plan of action in line with the coastal management policy for the area, as set out in the River Hamble to Portchester Coastal Strategy.

Repair plans

The Council has put up safety fencing around these areas to protect the public from harm and is sorry for any inconvenience caused. Repair works on the western section of the promenade are expected to begin in July, and continue for a period of two to four weeks. A report on the extent of damage to the central and eastern sections is due in August 2016.