Milton Common and Great Salterns Quay

The construction works on site have now been completed in full!

All the construction staff and equipment have left the site and replanting work has started.

The construction works have delivered a new rock revetment, constructed from granite Larvikite delivered from Norway, with a coastal path and three new earth bunds with new footpaths. The work has also included the demolition of Great Salterns Quay. The car park at Great Salterns Quay has been reinstated and a new section sea wall installed to provide a continued level of defence along the coastline, following the removal of the quay.

The benches that were in place on the common before the works commenced have been returned to Portsmouth City Council for refurbishment, and will be re-installed at a later date.

The fully completed scheme will significantly reduce the risk of coastal flooding to Milton Common and the local area over the next 100 years; it will offer protection against a 1 in 500 year flood event providing one of the highest standards of flood protection in the UK outside of London.


Planting of trees and landscaping will be undertaken throughout the autumn planting season, so the new defences may look bare until the seeding has taken root.

The new planting includes grass seeding, native tree and wildflower planting and the replacement of any damaged hard standings.

Some of the plants we will be using are: Hawthorn, Sea Buckthorn, Crab apple, Field Maple, Thrift, Sea Purslane, Sea Campion, and several species of wildflower including Poppies, Bird’s Foot Trefoil, Corn Marigold and Yarrow.

Please be patient while the landscaping and reinstatement work is underway, and please keep off the seeded areas to allow the plantis to establish. We will monitor the progress of seed establishment over the winter period, and will re-seed areas that have not successfully taken in the spring. 

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