Gosport FCERM Schemes

Coastal Defence Improvements in Gosport

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The principle design for Alverstoke and Forton is nearing completion and planning applications for the schemes are due to be submitted in early 2020. Following planning and consenting approvals, a Contractor will be procured to undertake the works.

In the lead up to planning submission, public exhibitions focusing on the Alverstoke scheme are being held at Jubilee Lodge Scout Hut, Park Road, Gosport on Wednesday 11th September 11am-4pm and Thursday 12th September 1pm-7pm.

Public exhibitions focusing on the Forton scheme are being held at Earl Mountbatten Hall, St Luke’s Road, Gosport on Tuesday 17th September 11am-4pm and Wednesday 18th September 1pm–7pm.

At the exhibitions the scheme plans will be on display, timescales for delivery and project staff will be on hand to answer any further questions.

In addition to the above, a static display on all three of the Gosport schemes will be held at the Gosport Discovery Centre Monday 16th September to Thursday 26th September where you can pop in at any time when the Discovery Centre is open.

Gosport Borough Council (GBC) are undertaking a project to improve the sea defences at three Gosport sites; Forton, Seafield and Alverstoke.

Once built the (three) schemes will reduce tidal flood risk to over 500 Gosport homes until 2070.

In August 2016, the Environment Agency approved the release of £320,000 of capital Grant in Aid to Gosport Borough Council. The Council has used this fund to prepare a business case and outline design for the three-priority tidal Flood and Coastal Erosion Risk Management schemes (FCERM Schemes).

Project Update

We have secured £546,700 of funding from the Environment Agency for the Alverstoke scheme and £656,000 for the Forton Scheme. These funds are to progress the detail design and to construct both schemes. We have also secured £227,000 of funding to progress the Seafield scheme to enhanced outline design. We are actively working within the council and with external partners to explore opportunities to maximise contributions and funding opportunities for these schemes.

The next steps for the project are to complete the detailed design for Alverstoke and Forton due in early 2020, with the licensing and consenting process (planning permission, Marine Management Organisation consents etc.) starting at the end of 2019 and continuing into 2020. Procurement of the construction works will occur in 2020.

The enhanced outline design for Seafield is also being progressed with completion slightly after Alverstoke and Forton in early 2020, this take the design to a stage where planning permission could be submitted, but further detailed design would be required to take it to construction.

We value your feedback

If you’d like to leave us feedback on the latest information provided in the project booklet, please do so by emailing us at coastal.team@havant.gov.uk  

Public Consultation Events 2017

Three drop-in style exhibitions were held by the ESCP in July 2017 to share the proposed outline designs for the defences with the public and to invite feedback. The events shared more about the schemes, why they are necessary and what the completed defences could look like. Almost 200 members of the public attended the exhibitions and 80 feedback forms were received. The results of which have been collated and detailed in our exhibition report, which is available to view here.

In summary,  

  • 76% of people understood the flood risk that the schemes are looking to protect.  
  • 84% either strongly or mostly supported the overall leading option for the Forton scheme.
  • 90% either strongly or mostly supported the overall leading option for the Seafield scheme.
  • 76% either strongly or mostly supported the overall leading option for the Alverstoke scheme.

The ESCP would like to thank all those that attended the exhibitions for their interest and feedback. Please get in touch using the contact details below if you have any questions or would like to offer feedback.

Why do we need to improve the coastal defences?

The current coastal defences at Alverstoke, Seafield and Forton are nearing the end of their usable life and have been identified as "vulnerable areas" in which there is significant risk of tidal flooding.


  • 114 properties in Alverstoke are currently at risk from a 1 in 100 year flood event, expected to increase to 142 properties by year 2060.
  •  The scheme will cover approx 120m of coastal frontage at the western end of Stoke Lake.


  • 80 properties in Seafield are currently at risk from a 1 in 100 year flood event, expected to increase to 193 properties by year 2060.
  • The scheme will cover approx 770m of coastal frontage between Old Road and Mariners Way where Haslar Lake and Workhouse Lake meet.


  • 72 properties in Forton are currently at risk from a 1 in 100 year flood event, expected to increase to 232 properties by year 2060.
  • The scheme will cover approx 175m of coastal frontage at the western end of Forton Lake.

What could the new defences look like?

Concept engineering options have been prepared and opportunities for improving the public space along the waterfront have been identified.

The artist impressions below illustrate what the new defences could look like. 




Please come along to one of our exhibitions where you can see more artist impressions and find out more about the schemes!

In the meantime, please click here to view Gosport Coastal Defence Scheme exhibition leaflet.

If you would like further information, please email coastal.team@havant.gov.uk