Ground Investigation Works At Broadmarsh Coastal Park


Please be aware that, on Monday 21st October 2019, works will commence at Broadmarsh Coastal Park, Havant. These works will last for approximately 10 days on site and be carried out by our contractors, Geotechnics Ltd.

Why are the works needed?

The sea defences at Broadmarsh are reaching the end of their expected life. Eastern Solent Coastal Partnership (ESCP), working on behalf of Havant Borough Council, are undertaking an Option Appraisal Study to assess the best method and design for replacing or improving the coastal defences at this location.

As part of these works, we will be undertaking ground investigation works to understand the extent of the embankment and geology around the coastal park, and to locate the groundwater table beneath the surface.

How will we undertake the works?

 A borehole rig will be set up on or adjacent to the coastal footpath. A borehole (between 10m and 20m depth) will be cored in to the ground, with samples taken at various depths.

We will also excavate small inspection pits on the foreshore, by hand, to better understand the construction of the existing coastal defence.

All works will be monitored and supervised by qualified staff.

Where will the works take place?

 The map below indicates the location of boreholes (red) and the trial inspection pits (orange).

Will I still be able to use the footpath?

In the interest of health and safety, some sections of the footpath may need to be closed while the works are carried out. We anticipate this to be required on any of the boreholes closest to the slipway, although until we commence work on site it is not possible to identify the exact locations or duration of closure which will be required.

Wherever possible we will close only small sections of footpath, leaving the rest open for public access. Any closures will be temporary – the path will be re-opened every weekend, and if possible, during the evenings.

Thank you for your cooperation.